More Virtual Worlds Forum news

This post may be a bit late, but…. Kevin/Boris Frampton one of former guildmasters in the IBM virtual universe community set up an SL overflow event for the VWF from 1:30-4pm. I was travelling and could not use the mobile in the car, but heading there now.
It also looks like an unconference will be happening tomorrow at the Hospital in London, so Rob and I look like we may well be there after all to join in the sessions. So if you are looking for an eightbar, we will be there.
It may be self selection in the virtual world and web 2.0 brigade but everyone is very resourceful no matter what occurs

Virtual Worlds Forum Postponed

We have all just been receiving notification of the postponing of the Virtual Worlds Forum tomorrow in London. It is completely outside anyones control due to an apparent fatal shooting outside the venue in the early hours of the morning.
Whilst clearly this is an inconvenience to many people who have flown in from all over the world, everyone’s thought will be for the victim and their family and friends.
The networking events will still be on as planned as they are at other venues.
It does mean though that the Hursley Eightbar’s (Rob and I) will probably not be able to travel up to London after all. So we wont be able to join everyone for that networking.
See you at the rescheduled event I hope.
The official statement is here on the VWF blog a Unity3d web mashup virtual world

Thanks to @ids for getting me an invite to I have ended up in there with green spikey hair and a drum set, so its ticking a few boxes already 🙂
It is powered by unity3d as discovered for us at eightbar by Rob.

It seems to have good web integration, playing my youtube video from yesterday very easily, and wiring itself into facebook (not my favourite place but its a start).
As I mentioned the other day Unity are sponsoring next weeks virtual worlds forum europe in London

Thoughts on OpenSim, interview on UgoTrade

Tish Shute very kindly asked me to do an interview for her excellent blog over on Ugotrade. In the interview I discuss where OpenSim fits in with the rest of the Web and particularly how some of the recent work i’ve been doing makes it a more viable platform for consuming data and services from websites.

You can find the interview here.

Swarming code development visualizations and emotions

You may think sometimes that we are only bothered with avatars and islands. However things like this that changes the way you get insight into the flow of a project are equally fascinating.
This video is from mediamolecule showing the development of Little Big Planet (the game that may well save the PS3 in my house atleast). Using code_swarm it shows people joing the project and what they are editing. I am a fan of organic flocking algorythms and the complexity that forms from the simplest of rules should teach us all something. A flock you let go, and see what happens, control is not part of the agenda.

LittleBigBang : The Evolution Of LittleBigPlanet from Media Molecule on Vimeo.
This links nicely into the extreme blue project that had a very cool name but got renamed by someone to sound a lot less cool for release (but what do eightbars know about such things!). Group Persona Visualization is available on alphaworks. The aim was to gather the state of the emotion and feelings of a group based on their social media acitivity. It was a short, intern based project, with a lot of eightbar mentors :-). I think it turned out to be very cool.